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What do we do?

We will build your software application for you for $5000 dollars and within 30 days. We will also deploy and maintain your application from there onward so you can stay focused on building your startup.

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Share your general idea and the details you have in mind for your application. Make a submission now for what you're looking to launch here.


After you submit your request, we will automatically generate a list of features and functionalities for an application that caters to your needs.

UI Design

You won't have to worry about UIUX and design, we will design the application's UIUX based on your idea and the market you will be targeting.


Your application will be developed without the need to lift a finger on your end. We will share previews with you as we make progress in development.

Go Live

You won't have to worry about taking over the source code, buying cloud solutions, deploying the application, or making sure the service is up! Our team will take care of all of that for you so you could focus your energy on building a successful startup. If you so choose to, you can also take over the source code and go at development yourself.


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