Frequently Asked Questions

1Is the price $5000 dollars regardless of what I need?
Yes indeed, the price for any piece of software we build and sell is $5000 dollars or under!
2The application will be delivered in 30 days?
Yes, we will deliver your application in 30 days. Due to large volume of incoming requests however, you may be placed in our priority queue so that when our resources become available your project will be accepted.
3How are you able to deliver on such a budget?
Our team is made up of technology and startup veterans and we know what it takes to build a minimum viable product and go to market as fast as possible. We have our proprietary methods of delivering your applications, try it and you'll see!
4Who is this service for?
Kiwi is best suited for individuals or organizations that have an idea they'd like to test out and take to market quickly. Whether you have hashed out your idea to details or not, Kiwi will take in your current state of idea/details and will generate the requirements.
5Can I have the source code?
6How involved do I have to be in the process?
We will keep the process as autonomous as possible. The most involved parts of the process are when you submit your request, when you receive the breakdown of features and functionalities for review, and when you receive your application.


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